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MFA -- Poetry
Adjunct Instructor
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Caribbean Poetry:   Barbados
A study of Caribbean poetry by contextualizing the islands.   In particular, this study looks at the culture (history, religion, art) of Barbados as a way to understand the sensibility that affects poets throughout the region


. Hypertext:

Chattel DanceNon-native hyperpoem taken from a sonnet sequence about a couple in the Caribbean

Lotus Dreams:   Native hyperpoem that draws extensively from Eastern and Western philosophies about the lotus

Webliography:  A study of Stephanie Strickland's work.  Focuses primarily on hypertexts, multi-media presentations, conferences, her thoughts  about the relationship between text and image, various articles printed in online magazines, etc.


. VCU-related:

Epiphany Project--Search Engines in 2002:  Presentation about the status of search engines in Feb. 2002.   Done with primary  consideration given to research-based classes.

English 200 (Spring 2001)

Archived Course Material

MiscellaneousThis section contains work for the Epiphany Project or handouts to assist with computer technology issues that arise at VCU


. English 200: Dyson's "Be Like Mike?" "Be Like Mike?  Michael Jordan and the Pedagogy of Desire" (temporary link)  (essay is currently online)

Research Task #1

Research Tasks (full list)


Personal: About the author

Merrin's Spring 2004 Message

Merrin's Extraordinary Spring Adventures

or Extraordinary Adventures, version 2



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