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Caribbean Poetry:

Any study of Caribbean literature should consider the context of the author's culture:  it almost inevitably becomes a crucial focus in his or her writing, even if the author leaves for a  mainland life.  But the culture that feeds into Caribbean poetry (and literature) cannot be limited by the boundaries of the islands:  a unique synthesis of histories create the Caribbean cultures.  They are a creolization of the European colonial civilization, the original Amerindian populations, and the African slave population.  To understand the significance and meaning of the poets' writings, scholars should ultimately trace back to the island that gave birth to the poet's sensibility. 

This web site attempts to provide the context needed to understand Caribbean poetry.  Primarily, the site will focus on a study of Barbados and Barbadian (Bajan) culture.  It will also provide information about the larger Caribbean sensibility that ties the islands--and their poetry--together. 

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Last updated:  08/20/04
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