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Shirley Hardie Jackson is born, December 14, in San Francisco, CA. 

Jackson family moves to Rochester, NY.

Jackson receives her BA in English from Syracuse University.  
She marries Stanley Edgar Hyman and they move to a secluded shack in New Hampshire where both concentrate on their writing.

Jackson publishes her first short story, "My Life with R.H. Macy," in The New Republic for twenty-five dollars.

Jackson and Hyman move to North Bennington, VT because Hyman is offered a teaching position at Bennington College.   Jackson's writing career flourishes with publications in The New Yorker, Mademoiselle, Fantasy and Science Fiction, Charm, The Yale Review, The New Republic, The Saturday Evening Post, and Reader's Digest. She also publishes several collections of stories. 

Jackson dies on August 8th in Bennington.  Several collections have been published since her death by her husband as well as her children.




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