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Bibliographical Links:

Locus Index to Science Fiction (novels) lists all books by or about Jackson. This is an extremely helpful site if you are trying to put together a bibliography of her work or looking for dates certain works were published. 

Locus Index to Science Fiction (short fiction) lists all stories by Jackson.  Again, the Locus site is useful for dates and listings, especially providing magazine titles and issues in which her stories were published. 

CyberSpace Spinner provides a brief bibliography of Jackson's work.  It highlights her novels as well as her collected works and lists three magazines (The New Yorker, Playboy, and Fantasy and Science Fiction) that published her short fiction and the dates in which those stories appeared; however, be careful: these lists are incomplete.

About Shirley Jackson is an informative site that has a reprinted essay containing biographical information as well as a brief bibliography; it highlights her primary works and some criticism.  The site also has a links to a literature forum and helpful websites for finding rare books.   

The Shirley Jackson Page is a bibliographical site that lists her major works as well as critical works about her fiction.  Dr. Roger Blackwell Bailey, a professor at San Antonio College has created this site as part of his American Women Writers page on the school's LitWeb Index.  


Post-war Literature  Links:

Twentieth Century authors--This site will help anyone researching 20th-centurey authors.  It provides several research tools on the internet for whatever genre you may be studying.  A few of the subcategories on this site deal specifically with Postwar Literature. 

Literature and Culture of the 1950s--You will find an extensive list of resources on this page about the writers of the 1950s and their work.  There are some great Postwar links as well as links for many other genres.  A useful site for anyone researching American literature and culture.

American Cultural History: the 20th century--a decade by decade look at the U.S. that provides useful postwar information.  The information provided for the 1940s will eventually link you with a brief mention of Jackson's story "The Lottery" and how it demonstrated that everyday people are capable of allowing something like the Holocaust to occur. 


Gothic Literature Links:

The Literary Gothic is a Web site for all things concerned with literary Gothicism, which includes ghost stories, "classic" Gothic fiction (1764-1820), and related pre- and post-Gothic and supernaturalist literature prior to the mid-twentieth century.  You can find available etexts and some really useful links. 

The Gothic Literature Page  is devoted to study of Gothic Literature in England from 1764 to 1834. It provides students and scholars of the Gothic novel access to web resources an introduction to the Gothic novel, collected summaries, papers, critical and bibliographical information and related sites are assembled together to expedite research.   It is a good starting point for Gothic origins. 


Online articles about Jackson (mainly book reviews):

Shirley Jackson: House and Guardians by Kyla Ward contains some really useful biographical information and has a good list of her works throughout the article.  Ward uses great quotes from some of Jackson's non-fiction which are really revealing of her life.

Just an Ordinary Day (book review)   I've created a link to a review of  Just an Ordinary Day--a collection of stories released in 1997.  If this is an approach to Jackson's work you wish to use, I would recommend starting from the DarkEcho Home Page.  It provides information about the genre of Horror fiction and criticism on work within this genre. 

Monstrous Acts and Little Murders is an article by Jonathon Lethem discussing Just an Ordinary Day.  Although this article is mainly a review of her collected stories, there is interesting information about the life Jackson and her husband, Stanley Edgar Hyman, made for themselves in Bennington, VT.

Reminiscences of Shirley Jackson is a brief essay by Carol Porter that describes the publication of Just an Ordinary Day.  She also has a list of Jackson's works that link to if you want to order any or all of her works. 


Other links:

Brighton High School Alumni Web Site has a page dedicated to Shirley Jackson, who graduated from this Rochester high school in 1934.   Their site has brief biographical information plus a few links of their own.   It's a great place if you're looking for brief information. 

Term Paper: Shirley Jackson.  This site contains a student's term paper on Jackson.  There is a great starting bibliography for for any type of Jackson research.    



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