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This site is divided into three main sections and 17 subsections. The main sections reflect the principal duties of the journalist: reporting, writing and rewriting. As I see it, a good reporter is like a pinball in play, always gathering, writing, revising, gathering, writing, revising—until time runs out. The job is as simple, and as hard, as that.

The advice here is based on the teachings of reporters I admire. It is also sprinkled with the conclusions I have drawn during 26 years as a writer, editor and teacher.

Jim Hall
Fredericksburg, Va
To be a successful reporter
The nature of news
The art of interviewing—part 1
The art of interviewing—part 2
Harvesting the news
The human touch
The writing process
Getting organized
Story structure
The news lead—part 1
The news lead—part 2
The rest of the story
The tools of the trade
Getting it right—part 1
Getting it right—part 2